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Energy-based wellbeing programs to keep your organization thriving.


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Imagine Employees Arriving To Work As Their Best Selves

We create wellbeing experiences that allow each employee to unlock their true potential.

This potential fuels employee engagement and the bottom line.



How We Discover Your Full Potential

We start by conducting carefully curated Energy Study.

The goal: understand how your employees need to be nourished so they can engage with their work and colleagues more meaningfully.

Our energy study provides the data we need to build a wellbeing program that allows employees to do more with less effort.



Ancient + Modern Approach


We’re informed by decades of practice in ancient energy arts and modern medical sciences to create wellbeing programs that focus on root causes, not surface band-aids.

That’s why we’ve merged the 5,000-year-old arts and sciences with modern neuroscience coaching to give employees what our ancestors knew how to cultivate - true rejuvenation.



What Clients Are Saying

Many companies say that people are their most valuable asset, but Honeymaker Wellness has helped us put real meaning behind it. From reflexology to a more comprehensive wellness program, we’ve noticed a real difference in how our employees work not only as individuals but together as a team. Honeymaker Wellness’s services are an important part of our culture.
— John Horton, President and CEO, LegitScript


Our Wellbeing Programs

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Offers employees up to 60 minutes of personalized Reflexology Energy Medicine and Ayurveda Health Coaching

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Offers employees personalized Reflexology Energy Medicine and Ayurveda Health Coaching

With monthly lunch & learns that feature private office hours following our talks

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Offers an extraordinary level of personalized care that combines modern Executive Energy Coaching with bodywork and lifestyle mentorship.


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Healthy Reminders

We need to remind our staff that we care about their energy. Honeymaker Wellness brought my troops back to life.
— Lynette Xanders, CEO, Wild Alchemy
My team told me directly that Honeymaker Wellness’ work made their team feel closer together, taking them from busyness and speed to a much more calm energy. That kind of shared experience is invaluable to our organization.
— Paige Campbell, President/Partner, Grady Britton